Matt Slaughter
Matt Slaughter

People say some really nice things.

Mostly out of fear.


Brian Haveri

Director of Engineering @TrainHeroic


"I've worked with Matt for 18 months, conceptualizing and developing TrainHeroic's mobile, tablet, and web apps together.

Matt really shines in developing a vision for user experience that is forward thinking, often looking six months or more into the future.

It's a huge asset to have a designer thinking about experience holistically across several platforms and into the future.

Matt is also very comfortable living in the problem space. He and I frequently have exploratory conversations around UX issues and potential solutions ranging from conservative to highly experimental, ultimately arriving at a deeper understanding of the problem itself. Matt is the kind of designer where you know the product experience is on his mind 24/7 and from that a sea of creative solutions will emerge."



Ben Crookston

CEO & Founder @TrainHeroic


"I’ve been lucky enough to work with Matt for almost 4 years. He helped take a ragtag 3-person startup to an established industry leader. While many may attest to Matt’s design chops, what I’m most proud of is his capacity to overcome the innumerable obstacles and unexpected challenges thrown in his path. Such perseverance is uncommon. 

While many falter under such intense pressure, Matt remains constant and committed.

The great coach John Wooden is famous for noting: Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.

Through that lens, few are more successful than Matt. He gives it his all. He improves. He remains committed. 

Matt is a high caliber individual that is an asset to any design team. He pushes the boundaries on what is possible and is simply one of the most creative individuals I've ever known."



Jason Bell

Director of Ecommerce @ GameStop


"Matt is one of those people who gets it.

He is proactive, learns quickly, works hard, raises the bar and brings a positive vibe that is unquestionably valuable.

I had the pleasure of adding Matt to our UX team and seeing him create tremendous value to the process and to the user experiences we designed. The bottom line is that Matt is a top-notice talented man as well as a great person."



Edward Stojakovic

Director UX Strategy & Design @ Moda Health


Although I only knew Matt for a few months here, his contributions and lasting impact are still felt. I see great things in his future and am proud to have known him.

Matt drove what he believed would contribute to making products great for the user, for the client and for our agency.

He ensured the highest level of quality in deliverables from craft to clarity. I was most impressed with his efficient idea generation and collaboration.

Matt was great at being able to keep morale high with his energy and passion and facilitated discussion among groups, always keeping conversation visual. He had a great knack at providing constructive feedback to a range of team members. Most importantly he gained credibility with clients by knowing their products/services really quickly.



Amy Creyer

Associate Creative Director @ Momentum Worldwide


I worked closely with Matt as the copywriter during my time at FCB/Chicago. Over the past 4 years I've worked on several eCommerce sites, both in-house and at agencies. I can honestly say that Matt is without question one of the... scratch that, THE most brilliant UXer I've ever collaborated with. 

Matt always served as a strong advocate for the creative solutions that best met our clients' needs. He was excellent at articulating precisely why a widget, layout, or ad met (or didn't meet) the needs of the user.

It was inspiring to work alongside someone who genuinely cared about creating world-class work that drove sales and solved problems for our clients.

Matt regularly offered constructive feedback and direction to the creative team, ensuring the highest standards for web design and usability were met on all of our digital projects. Matt tirelessly educated creatives, account executives, and clients about UX best practices, making sure everyone understood his UX solutions. His collaboration with the creative team (art/copy) was critical to our ability to develop best-in-class digital work under tight deadlines. 

Tl;dr - Matt Slaughter is one of Chicago's leading UX strategists, a brilliant information architect, and a consensus-building strategic thinker who helps his teammates deliver world-class eCommerce solutions under ambitious deadlines. He's also a friendly, down-to-earth guy and can probably bench press more than any other UXer in the world.



Carter Calico, MBA

Sr. National Account Manager @ Ice Cream at Mars


I have known Matthew beginning his first year of college. He immediately stood out when he was elected as our Pledge Class President. Since then, he has gone on to demonstrate wonderful professional ability, while maintaining an ever important work/life balance.

I would rely on Matt for any matter of importance! He is a wonderful friend and great person overall.



James Smith

Founder/Owner @ James & James Furniture


I really enjoyed my time working with Matt and would jump at the opportunity to work with him again in the future.

Matt's commitment to each project he's placed on, along with his hard work ethic makes him an exceptional team member.