Matt Slaughter
Matt Slaughter


Stay people focused. Experiment constantly. Simplify continuously. 


Over the last decade I’ve helped teams, brands, startups and agencies build better experiences. No matter what the challenge, design thinking has helped me make life better for a lot of people.


"Everything is designed. Few things are designed well" - Brian Reed

I find a great deal of purpose in that.



Experience design is about taking all the touchpoints a user faces in their journey and figuring out how to make them better. *It’s about taking old age problems and solving with unique thinking and technology.* 

It doesn’t matter if we work on napkins or whiteboards; sketch or illustrator, or Javascript. The tools are an important, but ancillary, part of the process. It’s about communicating the idea effectively, by any means necessary.



The tools are a separate and ancillary part of the process. It’s about using whatever means necessary to communicate the idea effectively.



Chaos is a delicious opportunity. Seeing friction in our world and taking on the responsibility of fixing it, that’s what motivates me. It’s our duty as designers to fix things, continuously. *If we as a community would fall more in love with the problem and not the solutions we create for it, I think more magic would happen. More moments where users say “woah.”*


Chaos is a delicious opportunity to remove friction.

Let's make more moments where peope say "woah." 



It’s about removing the ego & arrogance of thinking solutions are “future-proof.” You solve a problem, then you get new, better problems to solve. The process is never “finished” and really doesn’t even start until it touches users. It’s ok to be wrong. It’s ok to iterate. It’s ok to experiment. It’s not ok to think it’s not going change.


Design Principles

Transparent & Invisible

Delightful & Human

Focused, but Accommodating

Humble, but Powerful

Obvious & Familiar



Strong Beliefs, Loosely Held

  • It's not about solving unique problems. It's about solving problems in a unique way.

  • What you design is just as important as how you design it.

  • Design is for the highest common denominator.

  • Duct tape and frustration in the real world are prime opportunities for innovation.

  • It doesn't always mean build an "app."

  • Transparency in pricing, privacy, and communication should never be compromised.

  • MVP is a term for sports, not experiences. Let's try MLP.

  • Nature has already solved a lot of our problems. Take note.

  • Constraints can be the greatest source of freedom.