Matt Slaughter
Matt Slaughter

Just a guy trying to make the world a little better.


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When I was in high school I worked nights at RadioShack to earn enough money for my first Macbook Pro and a copy of QuarkXpress. I designed t-shirts, logos, and packaging in my spare time and took summer classes at the vocational academy to learn graphic design and all it's wonder.

Since then I've had the opportunity to work with incredible brands to make humans a little happier. Check out my work, thoughts on design, my experience, and some really nice things people say about me.

If I'm not designing I'm usually lifting heavy stuff off the ground at Crossfit Sanitas or traveling with my family of three.

Some other fun facts:

  • I've been to 28 countries and most recently had to get a new passport because the old one was full.
  • +1 Wife, +1 Son
  • I believe good design is honest, human, helpful and humble.
  • I believe the experience is the product.
  • I can lift #500 pounds off the ground and compete competitively in exercising.
  • I helped design the first self checkout experience at Walmart and Sam's Club.
  • I've been told I have excellent hair.
  • I love Zelda and Final Fantasy. I believe games can teach us a lot about the right and wrong kinds of engagement.
  • I play the harmonica and all the saxophones.
  • If I could, I would sleep in a hammock every night.
  • Favorite Fiction - Ready Player One.
  • Favorite Non-Fiction - Creativity Inc.
  • I know the words to almost every Disney song.